What’s So Special About the Ligurian Taggiasca Olive?

The Ligurian Taggiasca Olive is cultivated in the region of Liguria. Liguria is located in the northwest corner of Italy and borders France to the west. Though the area is most known for being the home to the Italian Riviera, it’s also been known to produce some of the world’s best olive oil thanks to the Ligurian Taggiasca.

Originally, it was the monks of St. Columban from the monastery of Lerins’ island who brought the olive to Taggia, a small town located in the Province of Imperia. Over the centuries, Taggiasca’s were grown all throughout Italy. But the largest cultivation has always been in Liguria.

The olives themselves are fairly small and have an extremely low acidity which yields a sweet, never bitter, taste. During harvesting, workers can still be seen throughout the region with their trappe, a long stick used for shaking the branches of trees to get the olives to fall to the ground. These days though, most farms use electric clappers to shake the olives from the tree. Once they are harvested, they are washed and pressed within 48 hours to retain their distinct flavor.

We realize this may all be fascinating to you. But we are also betting you want to know how it tastes and where you can get it! This month’s box features a lovely oil from Anfosso, a family owned business on the outskirts of Taggia that has been operating much in the same way since 1945. Check out the video above for an inside look at their beautiful farm and their olive oil making process. Olive oil from the Anfosso family farm has a color of golden yellow with a slight hint of green and an odor that is fine and harmonious, sweet and a little spicy. And finally, it has a soft and complex taste, full of delicate and fruity tones.

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