La Classica



The 14–16 items found in our La Classica box are a step above the rest.”It contains traditional Italian foods, such as pastas, sauces, olive oils, and more. You will find that the items in your La Classica box are premium items both in size and quality. Many may contain limited edition items, and we update them quarterly. You can feed 12 with plenty leftover. Be sure to check back every three months for all new products!


La Classica box takes you to a culinary trip to the most beautiful regions of Italy through a complete meal made with original ingredients consisting of the best artisanal pasta, aromatic balsamic vinegar from Emilia Romagna, medium-low intensity Olive Oil, traditional pasta sauces, and unique olives and delicious crostini.  From the appetizers to the desert, you will enjoy the aromas, intensity and traditional flavors of different locations in Italy.

Included products:


  • Dalla Costa Colored Pasta – The selection of Italian tricolor pasta is flavored with tomato, oregano, basil and other vegetables.
  • Dalla Costa Paccheri Pasta – Rough surface. The good Giants. When a special durum wheat flour turns into a large shape pasta the result becomes a big Italian dish.
  • Farmhouse Style Artichokes – Steamed artichoke hearts aromatized with peppers & natural herbs
  • Giant Green Olives – Thanks to their unique flavor, these La Gigante Bella are particularly best for aperitifs, antipasti, or straight out of the Jar
  • Rosemary Crackers – Thin traditional Italian cracker cooked with Rosemary and Olive Oil
  • Crostini Taralli – The tarallini a goodness in the round. Try them in combination with cold cuts and cheese.
  • Sugo alla Norma sauce (2) – A typical Sicilian pasta Sauce with deep fried diced eggplants in tomato sauce
  • Pesto Rosso – Red Pesto: P.D.O. Genoese Basil, dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, P.D.O. Grana Padano, delicate taste for pasta or on toasted bread rubbed with garlic.
  • Artichoke Pate – Artichokes spread, made from fresh ingredients, with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maranello – Reminiscent of green fruits with medium-low intensity. Aromas of ripe tomatoes and fresh vegetables. A harmonious balance of bitter and spicy. Recommended with vegetable soups, roasted meats, mature cheeses, marinated fish, mushroom risotto, and roasted pork
  • Black truffle with Mushroom Cream – This cream is fantastic for any delicious Primi Piatti or just simply spread on toasted bread and serve.
  • Balsamic Vinegar Montebello – As a starter is recommended on flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano, enhances the flavor of the pasta enriched with a delicate touch, fits perfectly with all red meats, game or a good boiled fish, and finally, if you use it on the sweets they become a real treat
  • Polenta – A quick cook artisanal Italian Cornmeal. The ground meal pre-cooked using traditional methods, to save time in polenta preparation.
  • Risotto Carnaroli Rice – Italian Carnaroli rice varieties. The starch of the rice variety is the richest in amylose, substances, which makes the rice grains are characterized by a cohesive consistency.
  • Dried mushrooms – Dried Porcini mushrooms add a smoky full-bodied flavor and meaty texture to sauces for pasta, rice and potato dishes.
  • Dessert Pasta alle Mandorle – An embrace of Sicilian taste, a successful marriage between complementary flavors and enveloping.