Tris Castellino Jars – Castellino


A classic combination of Italian Antipasti vegetable and stuffed olives by Castellino. Included:

  • Mixed Grilled Vegetable (Grilled Peppers, Artichokes, Mushroom, Peppers).
  • Italian olives stuffed with Pecorino cream cheese
  • 5 flavor Antipasti Vegetable in variable ratio (Pitted olives stuffed with peppers, artichokes, mushroom, capers).

USAGE TIP: Perfect for starters and appetizers, or as a condiment for the pasta or salad.

ORIGIN: Castellino, Marche – Italy

UNIT SIZE: 6.5 oz / 184 gr each jar



DESCRIPTION: From olives to artichokes, from tomatoes to onions. In oil or grilled, as a condiment or appetizer. You can even add this to garlic bread, dry goods and many other specialties. The Castellino products are many and varied but all with the same quality, goodness and great taste guaranteed.