Spicy Pepper Bruschetta


It is a tasty condiment prepared solely with high-quality vegetables and it is loved by everyone for its refinement and its soft texture

USAGE TIP: it is perfect on toasted bread as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre or it can also be used to flavor roasted and stewed meats and finally, for people who love strong flavors, it can be used to dress fresh or dried pasta.

ORIGIN: Piemonte, Italy

UNITE SIZE: 6.3 oz / 180 gr.



DESCRIPTION: Talking about another perfect combination of incomparable flavors… Appetizing “Golosa” Bruschetta is a specialty created with high-quality raw materials of Piedmont. The Carmagnola’s peppers and Caraglio’s garlic (two little villages of our region) are accompanied by a delicious chili pepper: all these precious vegetables create the delicate flavor of the Appetizing “Golosa” Bruschetta.

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