Each package contains 4 “Caccavella”. The world’s largest pasta is called “Caccavella” (which means “small pot”), weighs 50 grams and is 6 cm high with a diameter of 9 cm!

The new pasta shape is also proposed as the innovative gift packaging. Each package contains 4 “Caccavella” Inside are 100 recipes found, translated into 5 languages, suggesting 100 different ways to prepare the dough.

USAGE TIP:  A great gift idea. Stuff this pasta with anything you desire. There are over 100 recipes included with this set.

ORIGIN: Campania, Italy

UNIT SIZE: 120 grams



The box contains 4 Pasta shells (with a minimum guaranteed weight of 125gr) and a fantastic gift: a kitchen towel with the instruction step by step to cook your Caccavella in the perfect way!

The Caccavella of Gragnano is the biggest shape of Pasta in the world: 30 grams per piece, 9 centimeters in diameter and 6 in height. It looks like a small pot, which in Neapolitan dialect is called “caccavella”. Thanks to its shape, caccavella can be filled with lots of different ingredients, like fish, meat sauce or ricotta cheese. Better to be cooked “al dente”. One of the most typical recipes of Campania is “Caccavella alla Sorrentina” with tomato sauce and mozzarella.