Panettone with Prosecco Gold Box

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Fraccaro has taken the traditional Panettone and brought it to the 21st century. This Panettone is infused with Treviso’s Wine – Panettone meets prosecco, the most celebrated wine of the Veneto Region. If you are a prosecco lover, this is the cake for you. We like to heat it up in the oven for a few minutes prior to eating. Perfect gift for a friend or enjoyed with the whole family. This Panettone weights 1.70lbs, it will feed a large group of people.

ORIGIN: Treviso, Veneto  – Italy


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Panettone is a light, brioche-style fruit bread made from flour, butter, sugar, and infused with different flavors. The crumb is airy, with a yellow tinge, while the outside is baked to a toasty brown. Dome-shaped (when star-shaped it’s called pandoro), panettone undergoes a complicated leavening process similar to sourdough. Originating in Milan, panettone became particularly popular as a gift in the early 20th century when bakers began to produce them in large batches. Supermarkets, delis and department stores are packed with panettone pyramids in the run-up to Christmas.

Sourdough is a natural mother yeast made by long fermentation of flour and water using naturally occurring micro-organisms which reproduce themselves by feeding the yeast and converting sugar into carbon dioxide, allowing the dough to naturally leaven. The benefits of using sourdough are various: first, it enhances the fragrance, taste, and smell of the final product; it also gives natural softness and makes all our cakes easily digestible. This method has commonly been long abandoned due to the complex processes involved in conserving the natural yeast. Since 1932, Fraccaro has kept this traditional method alive, with enthusiasm and conviction. Fraccaro, the Art of home baking since 1932. In 1932 Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened the Fraccaro Spumadoro bakery within the medieval walls of Castelfranco, laying the foundation of a baking tradition which was destined to become famous. Alongside its popular bread, this small bakery soon started to be known for its cakes with such great appreciation that a second bakery was opened in Borgo Pieve, just after the end of the war. The new bakery specialized in the making of fragrant focaccie, panettone and sponge cakes (plum-cake).

Box Contains:

  • Panettone with Treviso’s wine “Prosecco” (1.7lbs)


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