Mammamia Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Classico


The nose is soft and complex with rich sensations of artichoke and chicory, cardoon and lettuce. The mouth is elegant and all-embracing with hints of mint, basil and rosemary accompanied by black pepper and chicory. The bitterness and pungency are well-balanced and harmonious and there is an almond finish.

USAGE TIP: Drizzle it over salad or serve to finish seafood appetizers, fish or raw beef Carpaccio and marinades

ORIGIN: Lazio (West-central) Italy



DESCRIPTION: Each oil is a vision just like each recipe: it is the result of a careful and in-depth study of every detail. Every single element brought together in this way produces inestimable value. So it is that modern milling techniques used in the spirit of master craftsmen create excellence. We make sure that MAMMAMIA is traceable so as to able to express our history and our brand. In this way, people can see the path that our extra virgin olive oil has followed: from the olive groves where it was grown to the dish where it can be enjoyed. MAMMAMIA decided to invest in the whole process to create a trilogy of unique extra virgin olive oils: with a constant attention to detail, choosing the very best combinations of varieties and interpreting the Italian tradition with the top of the range techniques.

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