Conchiglie 5 colors / Dalla Costa


Pasta in the shape of a shell. 5 colors and planes, spinach green, turmeric yellow, beat the Red, is a black squid ink. Oil-based and cream sauce is especially finish in beautiful colors.

USAGE TIP: Pair Conchiglie with any of our tomato sauce or just with fresh cherry tomato, black olives, oregano and feta cheese.

ORIGIN: Veneto, Italy

UNIT SIZE: 17.6 oz / 500 gr.



DESCRIPTION: Popular all-around Italy, Conchiglie literally means shell or seashell. Add color to your table with this beautifully shaped pasta which is easy to cook and great to enjoy. The seashell shape allows the sauces to adhere easily to the pasta for a unique flavor. First with the eyes and only after with the palate: already at the first bite, you will disclose how the wheat meets high-quality dehydrated vegetables and spices of Mediterranean flavors. The selection of ‘tricolor pasta’ is flavored by the smell of sun-ripened tomato, oregano and basil and from other ingredients that characterize the final taste of the dish with originality and cheerfulness.