Casarecce / Dalla Costa


This tantalizing pasta is an interpretation of the “Busiata pasta” of Arab orgin. Thanks to its smooth and delicately porous surface, it picks up each seasoning until the last drop, exalting its taste on the palate.

USAGE TIP: Ideal with any pesto and any creamy sauce.

ORIGIN: Veneto, Italy

UNIT SIZE: 17.6 oz / 500 gr.



DESCRIPTION:  From the word “Casereccio” meaning Homemade, this traditional pasta has a free form shape, a delicate flavor, and is popularly cooked with delicious Sicilian pestos.

When the durum wheat turns into a pasta of large shape, the result is a big dish. Pasta unique for giant dimension, bronze drawn, which hold the sauce and burst forth the true Italian flavors.