Speck Alto Adige is one of the most sought after and tasty of Italian cured meats. It looks like a smoked ham, obtained from selected cuts of pork. Its taste is extraordinarily balanced, spicy, not too salty. The characteristics that make it possible to obtain a cured meat of this quality is the low salt content and the smoking and seasoning in the open air. Another characteristic linked to the taste of the product concerns the type of cut: if thinly sliced the Speck takes on a more delicate taste, while its flavor is more robust if cut into strips as tradition dictates.



Speck is a perfect cured meat for an antipasto tray, a Panino with crusty bread, or to be used as an ingredient for any pasta or ravioli seasoning. Pair with medium-bodied red wines, such as  Barolo or Chianti, with which you can also make an excellent risotto with wine, speck and radicchio.

ORIGIN: Trentino Alto Adige (Italy)

UNIT SIZE: 5 lbs.  ($17.50 per pound)

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Speck is recommended to cut it only with a sharp knife with a smooth blade, a wooden cutting board. To eat it as an appetizer or for panini must be cut into very thin slices, if it is used as an ingredient for pasta, cutting into thick slices and then into small cubes, such as bacon.