In the town of San Daniele, the intoxicating air from the Alps blends with the breezes from the Adriatic Sea into a microclimate that creates the perfect environment to cure pork. The resulting Prosciutto di San Daniele is simple, natural (without additives or preservatives), and delicious. Salty and satisfying, it is easily recognizable by its typical guitar-like shape, the presence of the trotter, and the consortium brand.

ORIGIN: San Daniele, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


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Italy is famous for the production of several raw ham types, but San Daniele is really a special one.
The production of prosciutto di San Daniele, a delicious Italian cured ham, requires many delicate steps which are still performed respecting the ancient tradition. The special microclimate of the San Daniele area, situated in Friuli Venezia Giulia, plays an essential role; there the the cold air from the Alps meets the Adriatic humid streams of air which ensures optimal conditions for obtaining excellent dry-cured cured hams. Meat fromlocal pigs, sea salt and the particular microclimate of that area are the only San Daniele prosciutto ingredients.
The production of San Daniele ham starts with the choice of the pigs. The animals must be strictly Italian and raised on a healthy diet.  During the salting process, the producers use exclusive medium grain sea salt to help the meat expel its moisture. It is at this point the San Daniele Prosciutto acquires its typical “sweet” taste.
Then, the raw ham is pressed and left to rest for three months, in a horizontal position on pallets. At this point, the legs are rinsed and covered with a natural mixture that stops the meat from drying too quickly.


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