Pecorino Foglie di Noci – Walnut


Walnut is like the aroma: intense or delicate but always unmistakable, it is what you appreciate tasting this sheep cheese at the end of the refinement cycle. Quantity of walnut leaves, shelf life, microclimate are just some of the elements available to the refining master to achieve a final result that will certainly not be forgotten.

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep milk, live lactic ferments, rennet and salt. Surface treated with walnut leaves.

TASTE: it is delicate and sweet but at the same time slightly salty, has good persistence in the mouth is granular and friable.

USAGE TIP:  excellent on a plate of cheeses, as an appetizer or to make tasting of sheep cheeses

WINE PAIRING: full bodied red wine with good texture.

ORIGIN: Emilia Romagna, Italy


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According to some legends, walnut pecorino was born by mistake, that is, by attempts by the stockbreeders or shepherds to conceal the cheese at the owner, in old clay pots with the cheese completely covered with these leaves, so that they do not have to share with him.

In fact, this type of conservation, which has now become a characteristic refinement method, was more than a system to preserve the cheese longer and to prevent it from sinking, in fact the walnut leaf put together with the form inside of these terracotta tin containers, avoided the dehydration of the form; the lack of caves or other environments suitable for seasoning led the caste to ingenuity themselves by using what nature offered them. In addition, walnut leaves give the Pecorino a strong and distinctly distinctive flavor.


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