Excellent Italian dry salami. Finely minced pork, peel casings and dry cured.

In a medium diameter, natural casing which gives it an old-fashioned flavor.

These salamis are kept in temperature and humidity controlled rooms to ensure proper curing stages. During the entire drying procedure, the product is tested and monitored for proper ageing. Molinari’s manufacturing process assures consistent quality with the traditional style of old-world sausage making.



Ideal for Antipasto plate to pair with cheese and vegetables in oil.

Perfect meat to make a real Italian panino. Spread some pate on the bread and the combination of flavor will be fantastic.

ORIGIN: Italy (Sliced in U.S.A)

UNITE SIZE: 13 oz.

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P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salami and sausage for over 100 years. Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco. Through four generations, the Molinari family has provided Americans with the finest in salami and Italian sausages of all types. As a family-owned business, P.G. Molinari and Sons continues the tradition of quality products and service.

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