Galloni Prosciutto (16lb leg)



Fratelli Galloni S.p.A. is a specialized Italian company that has been producing high-quality Parma prosciutto since 1938.

Among the 200 ham producers belonging to the “Consortium of Parma Prosciutto”, Fratelli Galloni S.p.A. has always distinguished itself by using the traditional processing methods as a means to safeguard the high quality of real Italian prosciutto: the salting is still carried out by hand, the smearing is repeated twice, or even three times if necessary, and the ageing takes place in cellars where ventilation is almost completely natural.

The raw materials come exclusively from selected farms, growing “mature” heavy pigs of national breeds , fed naturally and subject to the most rigorous health controls. This ensures the product they obtain is a large-sized prosciutto, suitable for a long ageing (at least 24 months instead of the 12 months minimum required for Parma prosciutto) and having the lowest possible salt content. Along with that they also feature the sweetness, fragrance and taste identifying the very best Parma prosciutto.

This Prosciutto can be cut with a kitchen knife. There is no need for a slicer.

USAGE TIP: Great for panini or pizza.

INGREDIENTS: Parma Prosciutto

UNIT SIZE: 16 lb leg

ORIGIN: Parma, Italy

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A family tradition of over 54 years in the art of processing prosciutto has allowed to transmit over generations experience, knowledge, secrets in order to obtain the best from the raw material available.