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BRUSCHETTA GOLOSA: Talking about another perfect combination of incomparable flavors… Appetizing “Golosa” Bruschetta is a specialty created with high-quality raw materials of Piedmont. The Carmagnola’s peppers and Caraglio’s garlic (two little villages of our region) are accompanied by a delicious chili pepper

EGGPLANT & OLIVE PATE: An amazing pate of Eggplant and Olive mixed with a blend of spices and extra virgin olive oil!

GRILLED EGGPLANT: Eggplant is fresh and they are chosen one by one, cut and grilled and placed in the extra virgin olive oil.

ARTICHOKES PATE’: The dense flavors of artichokes pervade every bite with a murmuring of lemon in the background.

FOCCACINE: These Italian crackers are made natural yeast and prepared with high-quality raw materials based on ancient recipes. Ready and healthy because baked and not fried.

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