Featured Producer: Gullo Octopus

Though this octopus comes from Spain, the Gullo story originates in Sicily. Family owned and operated, the company was started by Frank Gullo who wanted to bring the delicious octopus he enjoyed as a child in Sicily to the United States. His fond memories of his mother serving it to him cut up and with fresh lemon were his driving force behind the business.

What makes Gullo different?

Their secret is simply tenderization. Unlike many purveyors of octopus, Gullo uses no chemicals or additives in its preparation process.  Using just sea salt, cold water and a tumbler, tenderization breaks down the octopus’ muscles causing the octopus to “flower” or curl up it’s tentacles into a flower shape. Tenderized, Gullo octopus offers a 70 – 90% yield, depending on the size. In comparison, non-tenderized octopus only provides a 50% yield rate. Here is a rundown by Frank Gullo and Octoman himself.

How to eat it.

The octopus that we carry is fully cooked and ready to eat. But there are many more ways to enjoy it other than straight out of the package. It can be boiled, grilled, sautéed or skewered. Though one of our favorites around the office is to char it using a kitchen torch. This allows the center to remain tender while giving the outside a little crunch. Here’s a photo we took recently.

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