Chocolate Eggs in Italy – Celebrating Easter Italian Style

Chocolate eggs from Italy

Italians have many ways of celebrating Easter, from religious parades and celebrations to food fairs (sorry, no Easter bunny though!). But one of our favorite traditions of the holiday is Italian chocolate Easter eggs, or uova di Pasqua al cioccolato. These Easter eggs are large hollow chocolate egg shapes with a surprise gift tucked inside.

Just like in many cultures around the world, eggs are a symbol of new beginnings and fertility in the springtime. Throughout Italy around Easter time, you will find shop windows elaborately decorated with chocolate eggs, big and small. But artisanal chocolatiers can also be found for more elaborate gift giving. (Think engagement rings and car keys!)

Italy Chocolate Eggs

Image courtesy of Italian Food Assignment

Would you like to try your hand at making your own? We aren’t quite that brave but we found a great tutorial online on how to do this. But if you are like us and DIY is not your cup of tea, we have your Italian Chocolate Eggs here just in time for Easter.

Buona Pasqua!