Brothers Lance and Brett Martin were raised with Italian cuisine being more than
food—it was a connection to their great grandparent’s culture and a family tradition.

Our Mission

We bring the flavors and tastes of Italy to your family kitchen. Our team of Italian chefs personally select and source each product, and many come from small, family-run companies we have personally visited. We strive to ensure that our products would make our grandparents proud and represent the real Italy.

Bringing Italy’s Finest Foods to your Doorstep

Delivery Italiano grew out of a family’s love for food and tradition. What began as an operation run by two brothers out of their homes in Houston has now expanded to a complete, 20,000-square-foot fulfillment center. Delivery Italiano only imports foods sourced directly from Italian producers.

Our team now includes not only its founders, but Italian Chefs and a team of experts throughout Italy. Our Italian chefs and producers work to explore every hidden corner of Italy’s countrysides and cities to source foods for taste and quality. Each Delivery Italiano box is curated over the course of months so we can take the time to fully grasp the delicious flavors of local Italian traditions and foods and to build relationships with those who make the products.

Our friendships with the most skilled family-owned businesses allow us to access the best foods in Italy and to guarantee their authenticity and quality. Many of the foods we source from these families have never imported to the U.S., and it’s a part of our mission to ensure we maintain the integrity of their hard work. We spend time with every baker, farmer, pasta maker and more to learn what makes their food truly distinctive.

Nearly all of the foods we source are made in small operations and family-owned businesses that have been creating artisanal foods for generations. By sharing these foods with the world, we want to carry on the traditions of simplicity and authenticity. Our business reflects these values—the same values we share with our friends and family.

Delivery Italiano is growing thanks to a solid family, its traditions, and artisan expertise. We hope that your experience with us will stay with you long after your table is cleared.

The Delivery Italiano Family