Brothers Lance and Brett Martin were raised with Italian cuisine being more than
food—it was a connection to their great grandparent’s culture and a family tradition.


It is with great family pride that we introduce Delivery Italiano to you. Although a young company, the vision for our business began generations ago with our great grandparents. The heart and soul of our family, Martin and Amelia “Millie” Farina emigrated from Caserta, Italy, and arrived at Ellis Island in 1907. They brought with them the traditions and customs their family had practiced for decades.

Our great-grandmother, Amelia, taught us family recipes, and it was her passion for food and love for family that drew us, our cousins, father, aunts, and uncles alongside her in the kitchen. These dishes brought us all together and as we grew older, we would gather each week for Sunday dinner at our great-grandparents’ home. This connection to family traditions and delicious food led us to found Delivery Italiano.

Delivery Italiano represents the next step for a growing, family-owned and operated business specializing in high-quality, imported Italian foods. We want to recreate our happy childhood experiences for you with a convenient, online Italian gourmet grocery store offering only authentic, made-in-Italy products.

Our mission is to bring the flavors and tastes of Italy to your family kitchen. Each product has been individually selected and sourced, with many coming from small, family-run companies that we have personally visited. We strive to ensure that our products would make our grandparents proud and are representative of the real Italy. Our chefs in Italy do the shopping for you, selecting only the best products. Conveniently, these products are dropped right at your doorstep for you to enjoy. In each package, we feature recipes, tips, and hints from our Italian chefs on how to cook and enjoy the products in different combinations. We hope you enjoy learning about the history and traditions behind the products and recipes we have packaged for you. The best of Italian traditions are only a click away.

Lance and Brett